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Gun-rights group files federal complaint against Maryland's gun restrictions


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The Second Amendment Foundation and Baltimore County resident Raymond Woollard filed a lawsuit Thursday in U.S. District Court in Baltimore challenging Maryland’s restrictive open-carry gun law.

(Read the seven-page complaint here.)

“Imagine a world in which you had to go to the government and show a good and substantial reason to exercise your constitutional rights,” said one of Woollard’s lawyers. “[However] we are not arguing there shouldn't be background checks, fingerprints, mental examinations or training requirements.”

The lawsuit has surfaced in part because of two fairly recent Supreme Court rulings – District of Columbia v. Heller and McDonald v. Chicago – which strengthened gun rights under the Second and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution.

Woollard and the SAF argue that Maryland’s restrictive open-carry gun law is unconstitutional.

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  • Joe Cowpoke 4 years ago

    Good news!! Why should any sane, law abiding citizen be refused to defend themself? The last few days demonstrate that the police, especially in Baltimore city cannot protect the citizens. If the bad guys knew citizens may be armed, they would be a LOT more polite! When seconds matter, the POLICE are only MINUTES away... Let the citizens of Maryland defend themselves!!

  • MThomas 4 years ago

    I am tired of my constitutional rights being violated while the
    criminal doesn't give a hoot and carry's gun's openly.

    Stop penalizing law abiding citizens because the criminals don't
    care about the law anyway !!!

  • USVETx3 4 years ago

    When I was a kid growing up in D.C. I remember listening to the big boys talk about the men in the neighborhood that had guns for protecting their families. I remember hearing them say thing like, no not that house, Mr So and So has a gun. They selected houses to rob by one criteria, does it or does it not have a gun in it.
    This stuck with me because when I left to enter the Army my mom didn't have a gun and the thugs started robbing her and the house regularly. When I finished my time in the Army I moved back in with my gunS and that crap came to a screaching halt.

  • Profile picture of hal
    hal 4 years ago