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Gun rights group celebrates CSU decision to rescind gun ban



  • Gunwrites 6 years ago

    It is a very complex issue, and I think the REALLY scary folks are the open-carriers. I think makes some excellent points. Then you get the businesses like Greeley Mall, near UNC campus that prohibit firearms of all types, including licensed concealed-carry, but put it on a sign along with a dozen other rules at some mall entrances, on the side of walls and not on the doors, where you have to really be looking for it, so they can bust people for it if they want. Talk about potential ambush...

  • Gun Rights 6 years ago

    Typically,"Gunwrites",opines about what he "thinks" rather than what he should know about the supreme law of the land,the U.S.Constitution and the unique and precious rights and freedoms it guarantees Americans.Peculiar to clueless hoplophobes,he finds it "scary" when law abiding citizens excercise their right to bear arms.If he had ever cared to look into this subject,he would,likewise,at have heard that unAmerican freedom hating lying liberal organisations like Ceasefire have long since discredited themselves with their biased and untruthful propoganda designed to chip away at constitutional freedoms.The foremost of their lies is that, somehow, one more gun control law(on top of the 22,000 extant ones)will somehow protect American citizens from themselves and/or "keep guns away from criminals",and, therefor stop what they call "gun violence".This,of course,is all nonsense,but it's not my job to educate those determined to remain ignorant.Rename yourself,please: "Mindless and Gundumb"

  • Sledge Hammer 6 years ago

    Guns don't kill people, bullets do!

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