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Gun hobbies becoming targeted to women

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In our current political climate, gun laws and hobbies involving guns seem to be even more controversial, however women are becoming involved in greater numbers. Events and merchandise targeted to women have assisted in this rise and the sport itself is now more female friendly than ever. However, how do you start in a hobby that seems so intimidating to those who have never participated? Worry not; there are many ways to become involved.

Ladies Night at the Range

More local ranges and gun clubs than ever are hosting periodic Ladies Night events. These meet and greets are a great way to learn more about guns in a relaxed atmosphere. Usually Ladies Night is a place where you can receive basic training on how to use a firearm safely and also try the sport at a reduced price. The women you meet are usually new to shooting or they are excited to share their love of the hobby with you. In Denver, The Centennial Gun Club hosts a Ladies Night every other Tuesday. Check out your local range, gun club or online community to find a similar event in your area.

Women Only Shooting Leagues

Already know the ins and outs of handguns and want to be competitive in a fun atmosphere? Well, you are in luck because there are many female shooting leagues and events that you can join at your local range or online. One such group is A Girl & A Gun Women’s Shooting League. These organizations bring women together in a recreational atmosphere to learn more about the hobby and have some fun being competitive with each other.

Did someone say accessories?

If you love accessories then recreational shooting may be right up your alley. From pink and purple handguns to earrings, handbags and more, shooting is becoming more diverse in the offering of products geared primarily to women. Fun sites such as Gun Goddess provide education while also offering fun feminine accessories to take with you to the range.

While recreational shooting has primarily been a man’s world, women are becoming a force to be reckoned with. Simply visiting your local range and asking questions is a great place to start. You will quickly realize how nice everyone is and will be on your way to becoming more proficient with firearms and firearm safety.

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