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Gun grabbers to influence Shea-Porter, Kuster and Shaheen in campaigns

Gun Grabbers to support Shaheen, Shea-Porter and Kuster
Gun Grabbers to support Shaheen, Shea-Porter and Kuster
Kimberly Morin

Yesterday the Associated Press reported that the gun control group led by Mark Kelly (the husband of Gabby Giffords who puppets his poor wife around for gun control) announced they will be supporting candidates across the country and specifically Senator Shaheen, Representative Shea-Porter and Representative Annie “grab your guns” Kuster. Apparently Kelly’s group missed the memo on gun control in New Hampshire – there are no gun crime issues in this state and Granite Staters actively fight against further gun control efforts on a regular basis.

Mayors Against Illegal Guns failed in New Hampshire. They made a feeble attempt to warrant support but blew that when they memorialized cop killers and one of the Boston bombers in a speech. Not one mayor in New Hampshire is a part of Bloomberg’s organization. Many mayors and others who were part of the organization have fled since discovering it isn’t about gun violence but about gun control of law-abiding citizens.

Mom’s Demand Action aka Everytown has also failed to garner much support in the Granite State. New Hampshire simply doesn’t have a gun crime issue. With some of the least strict gun laws, people understand that gun control to the extent these gun control terrorists want to put it into place, doesn’t work. There is no gun violence epidemic or issue in New Hampshire. There is no rampant selling of illegal guns across state lines as many of the gun grabber crowd claim. In fact, the majority of illegal guns discovered in Massachusetts come directly from Massachusetts.

There were several gun control bills that were introduced in the New Hampshire State Legislature during the last session and each and every one of them was shot down (pun intended). Granite Staters are responsible and law-abiding gun owners. They do not want “Nanny Staters” such as Shaheen, Shea-Porter and Kuster telling them how to live their lives or how to protect themselves. The 3 would do themselves a favor by shunning Kelly’s group because they will absolutely lose votes based on the lies that Kelly’s group spews about gun ownership and gun laws.

Kuster is already feeling the heat from comments she made recently stating that the country must "rid our streets of military assault weapons." Neither she nor her staff could actually explain what “military assault weapons” she was referring to. Kuster wants to ban guns but she doesn’t seem to know which ones. It already appears she is smitten with Kelly’s group. Of course, campaign money goes a long way when you’re running for re-election and no one else gives a rat’s behind about you.

Second Amendment Activists in New Hampshire don’t take gun control lightly. They know there are already federal background checks and loopholes that gun control terrorists speak of do not exist. If it’s going to be a standoff between these activists and Shaheen, Shea-Porter and Kuster’s newly formed out-of-state gun grabbing money machines, the latter will lose. The negative publicity alone will instantly lose voters for them. This is not something any of them can afford in an election year where voters have had it with the non-existent economic recovery; the lack of jobs; higher utility prices etc. Going after law-abiding Granite Staters’ guns will be the straw that breaks the voters’ backs.

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