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Gun Crime continues to soar in Chicago as media focus on Ferguson, MO Shooting

2 images of victim; one on left and the most recent on the right
2 images of victim; one on left and the most recent on the right

The Ferguson, MO media FRENZY is really no surprise because the media can't capitalize on a shooting or any crime where it's black on black crime. As soon as there is an incident of white on black or even better.... police on black crime the media will do everything possible to incite, enrage and fuel the frenzy!! This is clearly the case in Ferguson, MO.

Just recently over this past weekend while the majority of the media is having a feeding FRENZY over the police shooting of a young African American 18 year old; Michael Brown there were multiple murders and victims in Chicago, IL. There were 7 people killed and 29 injured in shootings over the same weekend when the media and the national attention was focused on Ferguson, MO.


Clearly there is a lot more that the media could be focusing on instead of constantly and continually focusing on the police shooting in Ferguson. Sadly there was even a young 16 year old girl who was shot & killed this past weekend in Chicago and you'd have to dig real deep to even find her name in the media!

48 hours did an Expose entitled the "The War in Chicago". Sadly this is ALL Black on Black crime but you will never see Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton showing up to turn the tragedy into a Media Circus like Ferguson, MO. What's really clear is that Chicago is a city where Gun Control laws are very strict. Clearly the fact remains that just having gun laws on the books has not reduced gun violence and gun crimes. Drugs play a huge role in the violence!! Until we can reduce the demand for illegal drugs there will continue to be needless and senseless violence and killing.

The gun violence and killing on the streets of Chicago are getting so much attention that the current Mayor Rahm Emmanuel may loose his job over the level of violence. A recent article in the Huffington Post addresses this topic:

Gun Violence May Cost America's Most Famous Mayor His Job

Two polls this month show Emanuel's approval far below potential challengers. The headlines practically wrote themselves: "Rahmbo" is in trouble.

It really is time for the liberals who talk a good game but can't make a difference in the cities that they manage to pay a political price. Where is the accountability? Where is the standard for public officials? Rahm Emmanuel has been no friend of law abiding gun owners and never will be. He's a gun grabbing anti-2nd Amendment politician on par with the likes of Diane Feinstein, Mayor Bloomberg, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and the whole gang of liberals who support taking your rights away as a law abiding gun owner. If all the existing Gun Control laws and restrictions on the books aren't enough to control the killing then nothing will short of "Confiscation" and even then the thugs will still get and have access to guns leaving law abiding citizens even more vulnerable. One can't help to think that that is exactly what many and most on the left really want a completely vulnerable and dependent class of citizens fearing for their safety & well being.....sound familiar? The Democratic Party can't survive without a permanent class of dependents! They need dependents on Welfare, Food Stamps, Housing assistance, and yes dependents for Public Safety too.

As many armed citizens are learning was the case just this week in Ferguson, MO many areas were NOT patrolled or covered by the police... so what will people do? How will people protect their lives and property when just like this week the Ferguson police dept. made a conscious and deliberate decision to not patrol or cover certain areas of town?

The reality is that regardless of your views on guns and gun violence when the real Chaos occurs the Police Dept. is NOT going to be there to support or protect your property or your life. Personal protection is a personal responsibility and many in Ferguson, MO are learning this fact first hand the hard way.

As for the Gun violence in Chicago, the liberal Democrats who run that city should look in the mirror and admit that their policies, strategies and tactics are clearly not working to reduce crime. Doing the same thing over & over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.

WELCOME to All Supporters of the 2nd Amendment, Shooting and Firearms Enthusiasts!

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