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Gun control is not the answer to deter violence

Gun laws undermining the 2nd amendment are not the answer to the violence in our cities and in our rural towns as attested by Mark Mattioli whose child was one of the twenty killed at Sandy Hook. The second amendment is there for only two reasons; to protect ourselves from criminals like the shooter at Newtown and especially those on the streets of many large cities such as Chicago where 500 were killed last year—in spite of some of the strictest gun laws in the nation.

The second reason for the 2nd amendment is to protect ourselves from the rule of government, be it the federal government or a local government as shown by The Battle of Athens. Okay, that was 1946, yet very recently, the city council of Bell, California had taken $5.5 million from their working-class residents in a scandal that triggered nationwide outrage. This government, like that in Athens, TN, was corrupted. Thankfully, the residents were able to take charge without violence, perhaps because the city was in metro Los Angeles, surrounded by other cities. What would have happened if Bell was located in a rural area and the only alternative was for the citizens to take back their city by force? Without the 2nd amendment, there would not have been an alternative.

Oh, BTW, we now know the shooter in Newtown used four hand guns, not an assault rifle (though he did have an AR-15 in his car), to kill the 20 young children and 6 earthly angels. So, are we going to ban hand guns also? If we do, the citizens of Athens, TN would never have had the chance to take back their town.

Nevertheless, Senator Feinstein, V.P. Biden, Mayor Bloomberg, and many others who jumped onto the bandwagon of gun control after the tragedy at Newtown, are intent to exploit their own agenda by introducing gun control bills. Now we have Feinstein’s bill which will ban many types of guns, as well as, other controls on guns. And Feinstein’s gun control bill will exempt government officials. Why? If the bill is good enough for American citizens, why isn’t it good enough for government officials? Remember The Battle of Athens?

The bill contains not one issue on the root causes of mass murders and violence, i.e. the mentality of the shooters; nor does the bill contain one item related to the daily shootings in the inner cities. Additionally, Obama has signed 23 executive orders which will do little to curb the violence in America, though it will make everyone feel better.

Guns have little to do with the ROOT causes of what's happening in America. Ever since the great generation of WWII, our values in society have gradually deteriorated. As Mark Mattioli suggested, we need to bring back the civility that made the WWII generation so great. We’ve lost respect, integrity, and simple commonsense during the past few decades. Years ago, teen pregnancy and living together were taboo. Today they are accepted. Years ago, children played outside with their friends. Today, they are stuck in front of a computer or HDTV, playing violent video games. Years ago, movies and TV focused on relationships, education and romance. Today they focus on sex and violence. Years ago, parents, teachers, police, and other adults were respected. Today, many children show a lack of respect. Years ago, God and family were essential to a good living. The WWII generation even prayed with President Roosevelt. Today, religion and prayers are ridiculed by many. Even the DNC removed God from their platform. .

Again, since the '60s our society has slowly deteriorated. We really need to get back to civility we once had many years ago, while maintaining our rights according to the Constitution.

A few Real Solutions to reduce violence

  1. Add mandatory 5-years (with no early release for good behavior) to the prison time to the sentence of a crime if a gun is used in the crime; and an additional 10 years of prison time if a semi-automatic assault weapon is used in a crime. Criminals will still use guns, but many will reconsider.
  2. Congress likes to collect taxes to pay for their spending. Let’s place a 200% tax on any violent video games and a 500% tax on any violent video games using simulated semi-automated weapons such as the AR-15. If the additional taxes do not deter the sales of these violent videos, double the taxes. Regardless, tax violent video games out of existence and reward those that are worthy of returning civility back into our society.
  3. Rather than more gun control, expand the training to allow more trained administrators of schools, religious facilities, businesses and entertainment centers to carry concealed weapons

    A sign saying “This Property is a Gun Free Zone,” such as the theater at Aurora, CO, simply targets the facility as an easy target—not to deter them. So what did the killer do in Aurora, CO? He simply left his guns in his nearby car until he could sneak out and grab his weapons. What if the theater posted several signs throughout the facility, that said “Be Aware –This facility is Protected by Concealed Weapons?” Is it possible, the deranged killer at Aurora would have hesitated? Would the lives of the 20 children at Sandy Hook been saved if the nurse, whose only alternative was to hide behind her desk, if she was trained to carry a concealed weapon? It simply makes no logical sense to announce to criminals that “This Facility is a Gun Free Zone.”

  4. If the U.S. or State Congresses, school districts, and other government institutions are intent on spending, let them allocate free centers to treat the mentally challenged. Nearly every mass shooter in the past several years had some history of mental concerns.

    The Los Angeles Unified School District plans to hire 1,000 unarmed security aides at an estimated cost of $4.2 million, and that’s only for their elementary schools. This is not a commonsense solution. First, most violence occurs at the high schools and middle schools. Second, the armed Los Angeles Police has already begun a program in which an officer is assigned to every school in the district. Each officer will visit his/her school every day. Why “duplicate” this program with unarmed aides. The $4.2 million would be better served if it was used to train teachers to identify potentially disturbed children and to expand their counseling services.

The bottom line is to focus on the root causes of violence, not a bandage solution.


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