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‘Gun control’ advocates' arrests highlight irony and hypocrisy

His criminal conviction may help explain why disgraced and expelled former Rep. Henriquez supports citizen disarmament.
Massachusetts House of Representatives (via Wayback Machine Internet Archive webcrawler)

In an incident seen by some as a bit of supreme irony, a local “gun control” proponent has been arrested on two felony charges for bringing a concealed handgun into a New York elementary school, causing “an hours long lockdown,” The Buffalo News reported Friday.

“Dwayne Ferguson ... was a well-known face in the movement for the SAFE Act, the state law that made carrying a gun on school property a felony,” the report explains. “He was among local activists who stood with Assemblywoman Crystal Peoples-Stokes last year lobbying for a law that would make possessing a gun on school property a felony. Prior to New York State’s adoption of the SAFE Act last year, in response to the Sandy Hook school massacre in Connecticut, it was a long-established state law that guns could not be brought onto school property. The only difference was that the crime carried less punishment as a misdemeanor.”

What’s telling is the reaction of Ferguson’s apologists, offering excuses and justifications. “Associates defend man who had gun in school,” the article headline states, adding the subhead “Say he made honest mistake in incident prompting school lockdown.”

While the observations of some, coming to the realization that a good person with a gun on school grounds can provide protective benefits, is hopeful, it also seems fair to wonder if the same support would be offered should a gun rights advocate be caught in similar circumstances. That’s because such one-sided support for citizen disarmament proponents running afoul of the law is hardly unique, as another recent story illustrates.

“On January 15th, Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence supporter and Massachusetts state representative Carlos Henriquez ... was sentenced to six months in jail for punching a woman who refused to have sex with him,” AWR Hawkins reported Wednesday on

“What especially concerns me is how black leadership, most recently the NAACP, has supported Henriquez in his desperate attempt to stay in office, or has remained silent on the issue,” The Rev. Mark V. Scott wrote in an opinion piece appearing today in The Boston Herald. “This is as disgraceful as the violence itself. Black leaders have, with rare exceptions, failed to raise their voices to call for Henriquez’s expulsion from the Legislature.”

“The Massachusetts House voted to expel jailed state Rep. Carlos Henriquez on Thursday,” CBS Boston reported, over the objections of the New England NAACP, itself along with the national organization leading and longtime voices for “gun control.”

And true to form, the Massachusetts Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence, the group Henriquez supported at a November State House rally, has offered no statement of acknowledgment of his conviction, let alone condemnation of his actions on their website or their Facebook page, albeit they do have plenty of posts on the latter sharing the latest demands to be disarmed by the Bloomberg Moms (BMs).

UPDATE: Let's see if Ferguson gets additional charges of lying to authorities tacked onto everything else.


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