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Gun bracelet idea for gun owners: Holder and Biden meet with 'technology people'

Attorney General Eric Holder and Vice President Joe Biden are exploring ideas that will make guns safer. One of the ideas that Holder brought up during a House appropriations subcommittee was that gun owners could wear a bracelet that talks to the gun. Holden and Biden met with a group of "technology people" and they offered up a couple of feasible suggestions for tracking guns and keeping them safer, according to the Town Hall on April 8.

Eric Holder and Joe Biden talk gun bracelets.
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

The bracelet works by holding the information of the lawful user and somehow allows the gun to work for only that person. Holder told the subcommittee on Friday that finger print identification and bracelets are the two things that would work on making guns safer.

A fingerprint identification, which would be installed in a gun, would only let the gun fire for its owner. The other idea of the bracelet worn by the gun owner, somehow has the gun talk to the bracelet. The weapon could only be fired by “the person who is lawfully in possession of the weapon,” said Holder. Holder didn't explain exactly how the "gun talks to the bracelet," but apparently it is all within the realm of new technology. According to Freedom Outpost:

"Such smart technologies require biometric data for guns to work, including everything from triggers that scan fingerprints to RFID bracelets."

Holder wants to make sure people can “enjoy their second amendment right” while at the same time keeping guns safe by keeping the guns from firing while in the hands of someone who shouldn’t have it. He mentioned that news stories are heard on a constant basis where kids get a hold of a gun and the tragic outcome that often comes along with this.

Listen to Holden's gun safety bracelet and fingerprint identification suggestions on the two minute video clip above.

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