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Gumpert Explosion is the Apollo’s AWD Alter-Ego for a Fraction of the Price

Gumper Explosion-slide0

Chances are you’ve seen the Gumpert Apollo on the UK version of Top Gear. Perhaps you’ve even driven a Gumpert car in Microsoft’s popular racing simulator, Forza Motorsports. Either way, I'm betting you’ve heard of the German motorsport company, Gumpert Sportwagenmanufaktur.

Gumpert is at the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland, showing their latest creation: the Gumpert Explosion. The name stands out, and so should its impressive 420-horsepower, 383 pound-foot turbocharged four cylinder engine powering all four wheels. The chassis is made of carbon fiber and the body is constructed from fiberglass. Gumpert Cars claims the Explosion goes from 0-60 in three seconds flat, and touts a top speed over 185mph. An even more explosive 'S' version is planned, with a 495bhp, 461lb/ft 2.5-liter engine.

Looking over the fiberglass body, I see an influence of Audi, Porche, Scion, and even some Ford Mustang. The front bumber looks a lot like the modern Mustangs. The roof-line reminds me of the Scion FR-S, while the rear end looks awfully similar to Audi and Porche’s.

The Gumpert Explosion should be available soon if demand is high enough. Meanwhile, they are taking orders at the Geneva Auto Show from customers who’s pockets are exploding with a generous $112,000 (or ~86,000 Euros).

Check out these photos. What do you think about the Gumpert Explosion. What do you think it looks like, and would you buy one?

Personally, I would love to pull up to valet in an Explosion. I think it'd be funny and somewhat ironic to be seen in the drive-thru at McDonalds in one of these. However, the price-tag scares me a bit. Sure, the car is cool, nice to look at, and packs the power to be a major racer. But paying 6-figures for a small manufacturers car is concerning. Perhaps that's my college ensued debt talking, but there are many other places I'd rather invest 100k in.

I'm the kind of person that would drive the car after dropping some serious cash on it. If I felt comfortable storing it and letting my investment grow in value, I wouldn't mind the cost. It's obvious, however, that I'm not the market Gumpert is trying to entice. They seek wealthy German businessmen with an excess of cash. Looking at it from that perspective, I would definitely purchase a Gumpert.

Unless I strike it rich on the lottery (which is highly unlikely) I'll keep dreaming and hoping this will magically appear in my garage.

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