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Gullible Millennials

Excess Money

The Baby Boomers want to thank the Millennial Generation, and all generations that follow them, for going along with the progressive indoctrination that they have been given all these years. While the Millennial's are now facing drastic increases in health insurance and deductibles or loosing insurance altogether, Boomers continue to get health insurance at no cost and no deductibles, free membership to health clubs, and a monthly income as well, whether they need it or not. Boomers, to make healthcare costs worse, make half of all doctor visits. It's too bad that they will suck everything out of the safety net, leaving Millennials nothing but this huge unplayable debt. The real hippy philosophy Boomers don't talk about is “I want mine, so screw you.”

When the Boomers were young, freeways were built for them on the taxes from $.50 per gallon gas, but the Millennials can not even afford to maintain that infrastructure that is already put in place, with ten times the taxes. New schools opened for the Boomer population had art and drama classes, and auto shops, but Millennials can not even pay the bills for teacher retirement benefits Boomers imposed upon them. Cities go broke, but still build new senior centers that Boomers hardly use. Do Boomers need the money? Some may because, with the safety net, they didn't feel the need to save. Just remember that the Baby Boomers, though they are unlikely to share their wealth with each other, hold $13 trillion in assets, which is half of all the wealth in the US. The previous Silent Generation has one third of the wealth and the younger generations, which is half of the population, have only 17% of the wealth. Redistribution of wealth has been very good to The Boomers

Of course Boomers didn't stop there. Along with leaving a financial mess, they have been meticulously destroying the social fabric and political system as well. As if the Millennials and younger were not a small enough group to start with, ¼ of them have been killed off by abortions, a larger amount than the entire population over 65. Over half of The Boomers have been divorced, leaving no concrete example of what marriage should be. Dr Spock allowed them to relinquish their responsibilities as parents and become part-time friends with their kids, when they weren't taking care of themselves or their money. Even as grandparents, they make their own kids miserable by spoiling their offspring.

But worst of all, they have replaced the basic tenants of the Republic with progressive gobbledygook that has never worked in the past and will lead to bondage in the future. Having successfully brainwashed this younger generation into not thinking, this younger group pin all their hopes on what they think they are untitled to. What they are not aware of is that, in the end, the Boomers are planning on taking what is left with them, leaving nothing but ruins behind. And the poor gullible Millennials rush to get in line for the slaughter.

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