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Gulf catastrophe reveals spiritual crisis: Mourn. Repent. Change. - Gulf Disaster Entry IV

Great Egrets - three attitudes of prayer
Great Egrets - three attitudes of prayer
Lukasz Lukasik/en.wikipedia


  • Tina Ranieri 6 years ago

    I agree but Im wondering about the men who died too during this catrosphe I havent heard anything about them or any others who may have survived

  • Leslee 6 years ago

    @Tina. Thank you for reminding us that the tragedy includes a terrible loss of human life and health. I will keep my eyes out for coverage of this cost and link to it. Please post anything you find as well.

  • Kristalyn 6 years ago

    If we are at one with the earth-- crabs, sea lions, and all-- their death and endangerment is ours as well. I wonder about the lives lost too and what floats past their bodies. Pools of dark murky oil sheen and tar baby blobs would be a frightening companion for the recently deceased. Should the deceased BP slaves receive honor when they assisted in the murder of an ecosystem? On this Memorial Day, we should reconsider who, what, and how we remember. Is life (and its defense) dependent upon the powers that be-- or ethical sustainability?

  • Cameron 6 years ago

    Your words inspire contemplation, and serve as a reminder and an invitation to engage in meaningful relationships with people, the environment, and one’s self. Thank you for your good words.

  • Cathy 6 years ago

    It's great to hear someone pointing to the spiritual vacuum in our society. I don't believe we will find the answer in "respectful treatment of all of creation" until we are free in this society to willingly acknowledge that there is a greater force than nature and ourselves. Love has to be at the center of every action, big or small. Lack of love is really at the heart of the gulf oil disaster. Read "Gimpy's Secret" and pass it on.

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