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Gul'dan and the Stranger, a new World of Warcraft comic released for free

Gul'dan and the Stranger-slide0
Blizzard Entertainment

With Warlords of Draenor's release date announcement extravaganza rapidly approaching, interest in Draenor is at an all-time high, potentially even surpassing the interest that circumvented during World of Warcraft's very first expansion pack, The Burning Crusade. With Blizzard's track record of multimedia tie-ins to World of Warcraft, we all knew something was coming - we just didn't expect it to be free.

Gul'dan and the Stranger art by Alex Horley
Alex Horley

On August 7, Blizzard Entertainment released a new World of Warcraft comic, titled Gul'dan and the Stranger. Written by Micky Neilson and illustrated by Alex Horley, Gul'dan and the Stranger takes place between Garrosh's downfall and the Warlords of Draenor expansion, this new comic series chronicles Garrosh's travels through an alternate timeline where he sows the seeds in hope of finally give birth to his unstoppable vision of the new Horde. The most important seed of all, however, is the corruption of Gul'dan, the very first warlock.

Just what exactly is Garrosh's plan here? Gul'dan originally convinced Garrosh's father, the revered warlord Grommash Hellscream, to drink demon blood along side him, effectively binding the Horde to the Burning Legion. In this alternate timeline, will Garrosh prevent his father's misfortune from ever happening?

So far, the content of Gul'dan and the Stranger feels like it could very well be setting up the events that transpire in the Warlords of Draenor opening cinematic, which hits during Blizzard's live-streaming reveal on August 14.

To download the first issue of the comic, click here. Also check out the slideshow for some highlights from the comic!

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