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Guitars are Guns Records poised to amp the Kansas City Blues

The Lone Gunman drumming for Coyote Bill
The Lone Gunman drumming for Coyote Bill
Guinevere Patterson

The Examiner is excited to hear about a new Kansas City music label that is beyond the planning stages and well underway. Projects are being completed and studios are buzzing to put out a compilation album of Guitars are Guns recording artists. Lead man Alex Boyd is ready to sign up talent left and right. The Kansas City Blues Examiner interviewed Mr. Boyd, also known as the artist “The Lone Gunman,” to find out the details:

“I feel like there's something riding on this CD that's more than just a CD with music, but it's a community of people that are longing to be heard and recognized by a city that they love.”

When do you hope to produce the first album, and what projects do you have going?

My record is now out. I'm in Atlanta right now at GA Filk getting the word out about my CD and the record label. I found a dealer at GA Filk to sell my CDs for me and he sold out within an hour, so I had to restock him That was sweet! [laughs] When I get back home, I'll get the CD up for sale on the internet. And I've also got plans to do a lot of playing around the country. I'll be putting together some gigs in KC. I'm gonna play in Reno in August and I'll be back in Atlanta in September. I'm really hoping to go to Ohio too! I might be the only one in the world that really wants to go to Ohio! [laughs]

Other projects are an acoustic music compilation of artists around the country. I've found some great artists to be on it and I think it's going to be a real success.

But the project that you and all your readers want to know about is the Kansas City Blues Compilation my label is putting out. This CD is going to be huge! I've had some great acts that play all over town contact me about being on it, and I'm so excited for this CD and what it can do for the blues scene in KC. I know I'm in Atlanta because of my acoustic music, but I play drums for Coyote Bill's band [Coyote Bill and His Wild Ones] and I know first hand a lot of the hardships that blues bands go through in KC. The scene in KC has be waning lately. There's a couple bands that still get lots of love, but a lot of other bands I feel are kind of being left behind in the love factor. And I think this CD is a chance to change that. I feel like there's something riding on this CD that's more than just a CD with music, but it's a community of people that are longing to be heard and recognized by a city that they love. I think this CD can and is going to spark a new interest in the blues in KC, and I want that! Not only for my band but for all the bands. Playing in [Coyote] Bill's band has put me in contact with so many great musicians, who are also good people, and they deserve the love of KC. This CD is gonna do it.

What's the impetus behind Guitars are Guns?

I made a Filk record, and I could put a label name on it. So I did. I've had the idea of starting a label for a long time. There's some great acoustic music artists that I love. I figure that if I love it, there's got to be someone somewhere that will love it too, and they'll find me.

What are your long and short term goals?

The short term goal is to put out CDs from amazing artists. The long term goal is to continue putting out CDs from amazing artists, and hopefully not lose money! (So far so good on that front)

That's good to hear! Will they be on CD Baby or anywhere else?

All Guitars are Guns CDs will be available on CD Baby, itunes and anywhere else where I can sell them. Eventually, I'll find a distribution company that will get my CDs out into record stores, but it usually takes 4 or so records before they'll talk to ya. But it's a goal.

So who else is signed up?

So far it's just me. But it's just a matter of time before I get some more artists going. I've been talking with several great artists. All I need is for them to get me some music. Skaught, I'm looking at you now...

Guitars are Guns Records
The Lone Gunman
Coyote Bill and His Wild Ones
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