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Guitarist (Raul Mildon)

Raul Mildon
Raul Mildon

A New Mexico native named Raul Mildon, currently residing in New York City, will be coming to the Twins to perform. This artist uses a mixture of his distinct voice, strumming, beats, and his well known vocal mouth trumpet sound to deliver a great one man performance, that right one man performance. His music style is one that touches the realm of Blues, Jazz, and folk. If your into very distinct voices such as the likes of "Stevie Wonder" then this is the perfect artist to go and see, even if you not into the whole distinct voice thing, Raul is sure to give you a show worth attending. Raul will be at the Dakota Jazz club and restaurant May 11th, start time is 7pm sharp, tickets are reasonable for an artist of his caliber of $30.