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Guitar nerds from all over the world invade Anaheim for NAMM

Get a life marching band
Get a life marching band

The Anaheim Convention Center hosts the NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) Show this January 14-17. Unveiled will be the latest and greatest new gear from every major manufacturer in the US and possibly the world. Want to see? You can't. It's open to people in the biz only. Which is everyone that is in the NAMM association working for a vendor, music retail store, or some related business plus guests. So, in the worst case scenario potential attendees just have to bother their friends who work at a music store.

NAMM at night
Troy Richardson

What's new? Well, this year if predictions are true they will not be changing the shape of the guitar. They will still have strings and magnetic pickups. Some lucky guests will get to see the new prototypes destined to be sued over trademark infringement by another company in six months. The greatest advancements will continue to be digital modeling amplifiers and software based recording plug ins optimized for guitar.

What else? Guitar nerds or not, it's still a convention. There may be some drinking. Unlike other conventions, it's hard to spot the hotel bar hookers. There are too many ex groupies from the eighties hanging around. Although, when it comes right down to it, they may be just about the same.