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Guinness World Records is seeking the world's smallest cat and the world's oldest cat


Do you have a grown cat that is so small you can't imagine anyone else has one smaller? Or do you have a cat so old he or she could almost qualify for retirement benefits? If so, this may be the time to find out if your feline truly sets the standard.

Record setter Giant George with his owner
Record setter Giant George & his owner
AP Photo/Guinness World Records, Jacob Chinn

On Monday, Guinness World Records announced that it has given Tucson Great Dane "Giant George" the titles of  World's Tallest Dog and Tallest Dog Ever. Check out the details here. George takes the first title from Titan, a San Diego Great Dane who had held the record since November, when the previous record holder (Gibson, also a Great Dane) passed away.

During the months leading up to the decision, George's owner, David Nasser, built up quite a following for George with an online campaign to get the giant canine acknowledged as the world's tallest dog. Both George and Titan have their own web sites, and supporters of both dogs anxiously awaited a final decision from Guinness representatives.

Because of the extensive interest generated by the buildup to this one record, Guinness has increased its interest in identifying other extreme pets.

Specifically, Guinness World Records announced it is looking for pets to set new records in these categories:

  • Longest Ears on a Dog
  • Smallest Dog (Length)
  • Oldest Dog
  • Smallest Cat
  • Oldest Cat

If you have either a really small cat or a really old feline friend, you can submit an application for the record in one of those categories. Just go to for information on the process or to submit a pet for consideration.

To find out just what kind of competition you might be up against in the size category, check out this article from the Pet Care Examiner

Source: Guinness World Records


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