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The verdict was guilty on 3 counts of attempted murder and 1 count of firing a deadly weapon. This mom was happy and sad. A combination of the Yin and the Yan of life. In real terms it is the black and the white of life. Black and brown lives recently appear to be expendable. Oscar Grant was shot and killed at the BART station in Oakland, Jordan Davis was shot and killed at a gas station, Trayvon Martin was shot and killed at the quad in his fathers condominium complex, Andy Lopez shot and killed while carrying a toy gun while walking down the street in Santa Rosa and Ethan Couch killed 4 people drunk driving still alive. 3 black boys, 1 brown boy and one white boy. Teenagers should be allowed to make mistakes, say the wrong thing, wear clothes that adults cannot stand and still be allowed to live and grow up and contribute to society. Not just white kids but all kids.

These United States are not united for black and brown children. The criminal justice system is not justice for all but justice for some. The parents of these dead children have to live with the reality that their children did absolutely nothing wrong, lived the lives of children and still are dead.

The friends of these dead boys that were with them are traumatized. Is there some kind of therapy for them? What will be their response when stopped again and again for no real reason? Are their feelings to be discounted? Black and brown boys do stupid things. White boys do stupid things. In these instances heretofor mentioned; only the white boy was given a pass. He killed 4 people and is allowed to not do time because his parents didn't raise him right? Really? Excuses for white kids and not for black and brown kids?

Perhaps one day and soon, all adults will take some time and think before they shoot. There has to be a change in the consciousness of these United States and that change must allow for the real and proven 'action fact' that lack of submission by children with pigment does not allow and forgive enforcement of deadly force. The perception that words or clothing or tone is an excuse for fear is just plain old silly. If an adult can stand their ground why can't a child stand his? Can a child be afraid of an adult either in uniform or not or is it just an adult who is supposed to have a better sense of right and wrong be the only one that can be afraid of a child?

All children deserve to be protected and nurtured. Not just white kids, all kids. All children are special and deserve to be able to grow up and contribute to society. Hope springs eternal.

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