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Guilty Pleasures Concert at Mercy Lounge

Guilty Pleasures
Guilty Pleasures
Michael Grimes

Nashville is full of great musicians and all kinds of beautiful music – Country, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Classical, R&B and Alternative. Every week, new music is being written and performed by someone in Music City. With so much new music being made, some feel that it’s also important to remember the older music that brought us to where we are today. For this reason, Guilty Pleasures was born into existence, at the Slow Bar, in Nashville, in 2001.

Michael Grimes, the founder of Guilty Pleasures, describes the band in these words, “We're an 80's cover band functioning as a music based nostalgic vehicle that brings many great singers and musicians together in community to bring music pleasure to people who appreciate good music and good times.”

Guilty Pleasures is THE premier 80's cover band in the Southwest and only perform 15 concerts a year, so tickets should be purchased early. On Friday, September 17, from 9:30 – 11:30 PM, you can experience their first public appearance since their legendary, SOLD OUT two night stand at Mercy Lounge earlier this summer. They will be performing more than 30 songs in The Cannery Ballroom at Mercy Lounge, 1 Cannery Row in Nashville. In addition, Mercy Lounge will feature Nashville's premier 90's cover group, “My So Called Band”, on the 2nd floor stage. This amazing double band show is not to be missed!

Don’t miss the chance to get your Time Travel Wristband and travel from the 80s to the 90s and back with Guilty Pleasures in Cannery Ballroom & My So-Called Band upstairs in the Mercy Lounge on September 17! Just $15 gets you access to both shows. Doors open at nine.

Guilty Pleasures is: Mike Grimes, John Deaderick, Daniel Tashian, Steve Ebe, Randy Flowers, Tommy Keenum, Trisha Brantley, Jeff Boswell, Scott Douglas, Sara Beck, Kat Martin, Andra Moran, Kristy West, and other special guests: Joy Shaw, Chris Finen, David Mead, Kim Collins, Jeremy Asbrock, Phil Shouse, Melissa Mathes, Craig Krampf, Jeremy Lister, Aaron Winters, Dez Dickerson, Will Kimbrough, Marna Taylor, Leah Taylor, Jocelyn Taylor, Jen Cohen, Katie Cook, Marc Pisapia, Peter Hyrka, Kye Kennedy, James Digirolamo, James Haggarty, K.S. Rhoads, Will Hoge, Masa, Adrienne Young, Annie Kinnard, Neiko Gerhke, David Steele, Jonathan Trebing, Mike Durham, Roy Agee, Jansen Press, David Gerhke, Courtenay Shipley, Vinnie Ciesielski, Marshal Richardson, Steven Byrom, Mitch Malloy, Lauren Lucas, and Amy Loftus. You can travel all over the country and never find one stage filled with so many great singers and musicians for such a small price. Don’t miss it.