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'Guilty at 17' airing tonight on Lifetime: Student lies about her teacher

Erin Sanders
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Tonight it is time for a new Lifetime movie. They normally air these on Saturday night but this week fans get a new one on Sunday night. On Saturday, Serial Scoop shared about the new movie that will air tonight called "Guilty at 17." This is about a young girl that is convinced to tell a lie saying that her teacher sexually harassed another student.

This film has a big cast including Erin Sanders, Catherine Dent, Alex Paxton-Beesley, Michael Woods, Rod Stewart, Kevin Bundy, Jefferson Brown, Chloe Rose, Zach Peladeau and Vanessa Morgan. The character that Erin Sanders plays is named Traci. She will somehow be talked into telling everyone that she saw a teacher sexually harass someone else but it isn't true at all. This could ruin this teacher's life.

The man actually gets fired over it and is so upset that he then kills himself over it. Traci will open up to a new teacher telling her everything but it turns out that this teacher is the daughter of the man who killed himself. She got the job just so that she could do what she wanted and find out the truth about her father.

TV Grapevine spoke to Erin Sanders and found out a bit about the movie. Viewers know her for the role she played on the show "Zoey 101." She shared that one scene in this movie will have her crying a lot and it is something that left her feeling exhausted when she was done with it. This is a big lead role for her.

Don't miss "Guilty at 17" when it airs tonight on Lifetime. This movie will air at 7 p.m. CST in the Oklahoma City area, but that is not the only time it will air. There will be repeats if you happen to miss the first showing of this movie.

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