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'Guild Wars 2' updates with the 'Festival of the Four Winds' living world patch

Phoenix skins can be obtained via Black Lion Weapon tickets
Phoenix skins can be obtained via Black Lion Weapon tickets
Photo courtesy of ArenaNet, used with permission

Tyrians have a new set of living world activities to participate in starting today. Guild Wars 2 patched today with the Festival of the Four Winds event. An array of amusements are now in the game hosted by the Zephyrites and Queen Jennah.

The Zephyrites are back to aid the people after the destruction of Lion’s Arch. The festival is a boon of moral support. To participate, players can head to the Labyrinthine Cliffs via transporter in Lion’s Arch or hot-air balloon in Divinity’s Reach. There they can take part in scavenger hunts, race each other with Aspect movement powers, or even join in Aspect Arena PvP.

Moreover, the event also includes the reopening of The Crown Pavilion where players can donate money to start the Boss Blitz. Players can fight off these champions and when one falls a stronger one will take its place. Not to mention, The Queen’s Gauntlet lets players fight increasingly difficult adversaries in single combat. Hard work rewards “The Blazing Light” title.

Participating in the event will yield festival tokens which can be exchanged for a number of rewards. Returning living-world-specific items are also purchasable. For example, players can once again buy the Fervid Censer from the Secret of Southsun event. More details on the event currency and purchasable event items are available in the official patch notes.

Additionally, the Gem Store now has new items in stock. New faces are offered when purchasing a Total Makeover Kit. There are three new faces for each race and gender combination. Also, new mini pets are now in the store. One of which is available for a limited time. The Mini Piglet can now be purchased but it will only be in the store for one week. The Bazaar Quaggan Mini Pack includes three named quaggan companions.