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Guideline Eyegear - high quality for a low price

Guideline Eyegear - High Quality at a Low Price.
Guideline Eyegear - High Quality at a Low Price.
Robert J. Wiebel

Melbourne, FL – May 12, 2014 – Anglers everywhere are looking for that advantage when stalking game fish in the flats. One of the most important tools of a flats angler is his or her sunglasses. Today’s fishing sunglasses market place is crowded with every conceivable style, lens type and price points. I know anglers who will only wear Costa and are tickled to death to pay $200.00 to get their pair. I for one am not passionate about any particular brand, but I do have my favorites. I primarily have chosen my favorites by how the sunglasses fit on my face, the price point, the lens and last but not least the style. Heck, when stalking the flats, the fish don’t know what kind of sunglasses I am wearing. All that matters is that the sunglasses protect my eyes and the polarization enables me to see the fish before they see me.

So where does leave us? Because as individuals we all see objects differently; are ears are not positioned in the same place, our nose bridges have different shapes and the width of our face all play an important part in how we chose sunglasses. If your eyesight it at the point where you need corrective lenses, you really need to do your home work when selection the sunglasses brand to make you prescription sunglasses. This is one area where there are big differences and I cannot give you any advice as to which one is the best but Guideline does have a varied selection of prescription sunglasses with very reasonable price points. If you are farsighted, there are sunglasses brands that also have bifocal lenses. If you are like me where your eyes have a middle distance in focus but use reading and night time driving glasses and your eyes are not bad enough where you cannot wear off-the-rack sunglasses or you have 20/20 vision, you have loads of options.

Guideline Eyewear might just be a brand that tweaks your interest. This brand of sunglasses has style, numerous lens options and price points that the $200.00 you were thinking about spending on those Costas will buy you two or three pairs of Guideline sunglasses with different lenses for different fishing conditions. Wow, that was a long sentence.

According to Guideline Eyewear, “The Guideline Elite Series is possibly the most effective and most comfortable sunglass ever. The Elite Series features our proprietary Elite Lens which is a polarized, lightweight-glass lens with G3 lens technology. The Elite Lens offers perfect optical clarity and 100% UV A & B protection in the most demanding light conditions. Our proprietary lens tints and light transmissions are optimized for eliminating glare and spotting fish in all water and weather conditions. The frames are especially designed for great all-day comfort and are made from the highest quality Grilamid nylon for long term durability.

The Pro Series is designed for all fishing conditions and for active water sports. The Pro Series Lens is a polarized, lightweight polycarbonate lens that combines optical-quality clarity in a shatter-resistant polycarbonate sandwich. The Pro Series proprietary lens tints and light transmissions are designed to enhance every activity on the water and to provide 100% UV A & B protection.

The strong popularity of the Pro Series is driven by the excellent sport styling, comfort and quality. This year the Pro Series continues to expand its collection with a new Women's Series in addition to the already popular Alloy and Bifocal Series collections.

Our commitment to optimum performance on and off the water in polarized eyewear, vision protection and value continues to drive our endless desire to create new "Eyegear" for our dedicated customer... the outdoor enthusiast.”

The weekend of May 10th, I had the opportunity to wear my Guideline sunglasses while attending the 2014 Jacksonville Kayak Classic fishing tournament. My Guideline Crystal Blue Eclipse sunglasses with River Edge Silver Mirror lenses were perfect for the water and partly cloudy conditions. I also took my mountain bike with me and rode a short 4 mile bike ride at the Florida Little Talbot Island State Park. The sunglasses fit were perfect for the hot temperatures where air flow behind the lens kept my face from sweating. The polarized lenses worked very well on both days on and off the water.

Guideline has five collections, Bold Performance ($59.99 - $69.99), Classic Performance ($49.99 - $69.99), lifestyle Performance ($49.99 - $69.99), Lightweight Performance ($49.99 - $69.99), and Bifocal Performance ($89.99).

If you are in the market for a quality pair of outdoor polarized sunglasses that will not break the bank, give the entire Guideline collections a chance to impress.

So until n ext time, be safe in the sun and have a great day in the great outdoors.

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