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Guide to Rosemary in the landscape

Enjoy Rosemary in the landscape
Enjoy Rosemary in the landscape
Gabriel F.W. Koch

Evergreen shrubs often comprise the bulk of the winter landscape, which may be filled with boxwoods and hollies. Add unusual ornamental herbs as sub shrubs, for a contrast in texture and the added bonus of fragrance and winter flowers. Rosemary is such a shrub and is an asset in many garden designs.

Flowers and Foliage

Flowers may be pink, white or blue, depending on the cultivar you choose. The heavily flowering White Rosemary can readily brighten a dark spot in the landscape. The more common blue flowers of other varieties may be grown in masses for a swath of color. Some varieties bloom in winter from buds developed over the past summer.

The color of rosemary leaves may be grayish, bluish or even golden as with the variety Golden Rosemary, a shorter cultivar sporting yellow growth during spring and fall. Often new growth provides a light, airy feel to the garden. Some specimens grow upright while others offer a prostrate, creeping habit. The latter may be used effectively as a ground cover.


Fragrance will vary among Rosemary types, but each is enticing and unique to the herb. Pine scented rosemary is among the more unusual fragrances of this versatile sub shrub.

Uses of Rosemary

Leaves of this perennial flowering herb are often used to flavor lamb and chicken. They are an integral part of Italian seasoning mixes. Clip the herb often to encourage growth. Use cuttings and leaves in a variety of dishes.

Fragrant twigs may be inserted into flower arrangements, providing an enticing appeal. Use sprigs singly in small vases and locate strategically through the home. Strip leaves from the stem and use in potpourri.

The herb Rosemary may be used in vinegars or in oils to retain the flavor. It may be used as an infusion, an essence and for medicinal purposes.

Rosemary is most easily grown from cuttings, but may be grown from seed if a low germination rate can be tolerated. Use seeds that are as fresh as possible.

Include this fragrant sub shrub in the garden this year. Plant several for more of the many advantages of Rosemary in the garden.

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