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Guide to Chicago cab companies

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Whether you are working in Chicago or visiting Chicago, it is likely that it will be necessary to get in contact with one of the Chicago cab companies to help get you to your desired location. Here you will find 5 Chicago cab companies

Yellow Cab Chicago

(312) 829-4222

Yellow Cab affiliation is one of the oldest and largest taxicab companies in North America and the fleet includes standard sedans, minivans and wheelchair accessible vehicles. Yellow Cab Chicago uses the latest technology and strives to provide its customers with the highest quality of service by providing the safest, most comfortable vehicles.

Flash Cab Company

(773) 561-4444

This Chicago cab company started in the fall of 1945 and was the first cab dispatch company to use a two-way radio system, so that drivers could communicate with the dispatchers. Flash Cab Company is always enthusiastic to incorporate new technology and offer Chicago a better dispatch cab company.

Chicago Carriage Cab Company

(312) 326-2221

Here you will find a Chicago cab company that has taxicabs which are owned and operated by independent taxicab medallion license holders. The cab company provides on-time, optimal airport service and city transportation to passengers.

American United Taxi

(773) 248-7600

American United Taxi has taxicabs that are independently owned and operated with real-time tracking and billing. This Chicago cab company offers convenience with coupon books, Yellow Card, corporate charge accounts and event support.

Checker Taxi Affl, Inc.

(312) 243-2537

This Chicago cab company has a fleet of over 500 taxicabs that are owned and operated independently by medallion owners.

Chicago is a great city to live in, work in or visit, but getting around can often be challenging; consider calling one of the Chicago cab companies to assist you in getting to your destination.