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Guide to Buying Shipping Labels

Buy Shipping Labels
Buy Shipping Labels

Whenever you receive the products that you bought online you may have noticed that the box usually has huge stickers with barcodes and shipping details printed on it. These stickers are called shipping labels and are printed using shipping label printers. Unlike the normal printers these printers print on special rolls with adhesive on them instead of the standard A4 paper. Since the machines serve only one purpose printing becomes faster and more efficient.

There are many models and styles from which you can choose depending on the output that you need. Many shipping companies today prefer to use a printing system that works parallel to a postal scale. The scale will weigh the parcel and send a message to the computer, which will in turn print the label with the help of online software. The label will have all the details of the sender and receiver printed on it. Simply peel of the label from the sheet and stick it to the parcel. This will not only save your time but also reduces the chances of any errors occurring.

Many online shops have a variety of shipping printers and labels from which you can choose, but if this is your first purchase for any such printer you must keep the following points in mind.

  • Before you order decide whether you want to use black or colored labels. The back labels have adhesive on the back and you can easily use a laser printer to print on them.
  • Colored labels however, will have your company logo, address and telephone number printed on them with a small blank space on the middle to print the details of the consignee. A shipping label is required to print on these labels.
  • Confirm with the seller about the perforation between each label.
  • Ask the supplier if they can offer custom-made labels in a bigger size other than the ones used most commonly.
  • You can also select between glossy or matte finish papers. Both are available in sheet or roll depending on your requirement.

To make tracking easier many courier companies have barcodes printed on the shipping labels. Zebra printer label are best suited for such companies as it kills two birds with one stone. The address allows for easy shipment and with the help of the the barcode you can track the parcel at each stage of its journey.

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