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Guide dog saves woman choking on chocolate with Heimlich maneuver

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In the Old Swan section of Liverpool, Lesley Hailwood, 61, credits a 17-month-old guide dog for saving her life using an instinctive canine version of the Heimlich maneuver on New Year's Eve after a piece of chocolate candy became wedged in the woman's windpipe reported the Mirror.

The German shepherd/ retriever mix named Nell had been fast asleep when Hailwood began to choke on the chocolate, but woke up as Hailwood had been making "gurgling noises." The dog jumped from the sofa and pounced on her chest which dislodged the candy.

The action is similar to the Heimlich method of rescuing a choking person or animal.

Hailwood cares for guide dogs at her home as the specially trained dogs are then sent off to their new humans. Nell had never been trained to perform such a maneuver.

Guide dogs are internationally known to be extremely intelligent and intuitive; traits that have set these amazing dogs apart and so very capable of protecting and saving the lives of the humans to whom they become bonded.

Whether Nell really knew what and why she jumped on Lesley Hailwood's chest may very well be debatable, but it sure helped to save a woman's life.

Congratulations Nell.

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