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Guest Post: Spring Clean Your Relationships

Stef and the City
Stef and the City

Stef Safran is a friend and relationship expert in Chicago, with Stef and the City helping people find love and happiness in their life. Here are her tips for spring cleaning tips for creating more happiness in your home.

You spring clean your house every year, so why not spring clean your love life? Just like spring
cleaning is a time to start new and get organized, so is spring cleaning your love life. It is healthy to
reflect on and make changes to your love life each year in order to be happy. Here are some tips on how
to maximize this time of year and spring your love life into being better.

Reflect on your “type”- Take time to look back on the type of people you are attracted to and
have dated and then reflect if these relationships have been successful. If you are attracted to
jerks but the relationships don’t end up working out, maybe it’s time to start giving other types
of people a chance.
Spend time finding new interests and hobbies- Just like you are attracted to other people who
have unique and diverse hobbies, other people are attracted to you for your interests. If you
don’t feel that you have hobbies or interests you are passionate about, find something! It can
be as easy as starting yoga or getting into film. It makes you more appealing and it may lead to
something you have in common with someone.
Do something that’s out of your comfort zone- Try approaching a cute stranger at the dog park.
Try taking a dance class. Try going to a movie by yourself. Just try something that makes you
uncomfortable! In the end, it will make you more comfortable and more confident in who you
Strengthen your relationships with family and friends- Your family and friends are your
backbone. Make sure you are taking the time to let them know how much you appreciate them.
Having a strong backbone will make you more confident to branch out in your love life because
you know you have people who will have your back, even if a date doesn’t work out.

The moral of the story is, don’t neglect your love life! It is something you have to work at to get
right. It isn’t just going to happen by itself. Be proactive and find new ways to meet people whether it be
online dating, dating apps, using a matchmaker or even at a bar. Find something that works for you.

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