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Guess who's back? Conspiracy Frontman Jesse Ventura hosting a new show online

Is Ora.TV the next big revolutionary unscripted on-demand television production company?

New episodes of “Off The Grid” posted New episodes of “Off The Grid” are posted Tuesday-Friday at 3PM EST available for on-demand viewing on Ora.TV

"News should be free - free meaning cost - and free of bias," stated Jesse Ventura, the 38th governor of Minnesota. "I will present stories you need to hear, the news that affects us all - globally, nationally, and locally - that you won't hear anywhere else."

What: You’re invited to experience the newest edition to Ora.TV, Jesse Ventura will be hosting Off The Grid. According to press specs, Off The Grid will feature Ventura in conversation with the world's leading political and cultural minds as well as fellow conspiracy experts.

Did you know? The little known fact that “Ora.TV also produces Larry King's Larry King Now and Larry King's Politicking; the site's major investor is América Móvil, the Latin American wireless service provider majority owned by Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim.”

Ventura explains. "My show will be off the grid in the sense that I will be off of the corporate payroll; I won't answer to some guy upstairs, giving me orders on what to report or how to report."

Who: Open to general public for viewing whereas, Facebook and Twitter fans can also join in for Q & A by asking Jesse Ventura's viewpoint concerning crucial social & political issues or providing questions for him to ask future guests.

When: Tune in online at Ora.TV starting Monday January 27, 2014 for more insight into the online television show, Off The Grid.

Where: Straight from an anonymous location in Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, Jesse Ventura will be hosting Off The Grid broadcasting into what he says to be “Occupied America.”

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