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Guess The Party Affiliation

Salvatore BallarinoI've been searching (so far in vain) to find the party affiliation of Salvatore Ballarino, member of Staten Island's all-volunteer Community Education Council District 31. You see, he forwarded some emails around that's pissed off black people in the community and if he were a Republican, we'd all know it. But seeing how his party affiliation isn't considered relevant by reporting entities, I can only guess...

The e-mail, a mock photo strip sent to about 30 people on Jan. 4, shows a presidential debate between Barack Obama and John McCain, with speech balloons inventing a dialogue rife with racist jokes about black people.

The strip starts with McCain saying, "I have black people in my family tree," followed by Obama saying, "Really? That's great," and McCain responding with, "If I recall, they're still hanging there."

mock-debateNice guy.

Also, this strips "questions black fathers' ability to support their families and states Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles are always smiling, because they did not know they were black. After each 'punch line' the cartoon-like strip shows a photo of Obama's face, positioned in such a way to make him look stunned and dumbstruck." Ballarino denies imputations of racism, saying he has black friends and that "what was funny about [the strip] was the look on Obama's face, like he didn't even know what he was talking about." The NAACP is not going for it.

Please go to my website to participate in today's poll question: What do you think is Salvatore Ballarino's party affiliation?