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Guerrilla Games reveals two free new maps for Killzone: Shadow Fall multiplayer

The Hangar (left) and The Cruiser (right)
The Hangar (left) and The Cruiser (right)

Guerrilla Games revealed two upcoming multiplayer expansion maps (via the PlayStation blog) that will be available for free: The Hangar and The Cruiser.

The former is located in the hangar bay of one of Helghan's mining spires, with plenty of space intended for long-range combat. The latter places players inside a decommissioned ISA cruiser, composed of "tight, claustrophobic corridors and interconnected compartments," focusing on close and mid-ranged encounters. Both maps are inspired by "key locations" from Shadow Fall's campaign.

No word yet as to when the maps will be available.

Guerrilla also announced that they're working on the first DLC for Killzone: Shadow Fall and promised to reveal more information in the near future.