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Guerrero enlists Haymon as 'adviser'

Al Haymon got Robert Guerrero, left, his biggest fight: against Floyd Mayweather, right, in 2013.
Al Haymon got Robert Guerrero, left, his biggest fight: against Floyd Mayweather, right, in 2013.
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Robert Guerrero announced Friday that Al Haymon is now his “adviser.”

The move validated the Gilroy fighter’s recent tactics, a repudiation of Golden Boy Promotions that seemed to leave Guerrero without the financial might to get a fight in the near future. He said Golden Boy was undervaluing him and not getting him elite-level fights that logically ought to have followed his respectable decision loss to Floyd Mayweather last May.

Certainly it seemed impossible for Guerrero to make the sort of money he made on that fight for any further fights in the near future.

But now he’s allied with the man who made the Mayweather fight happen. The attention at the time was affixed to the $300 million deal Haymon got Mayweather to agree to six fights on Showtime pay-per-view, starting with Guerrero. But when you consider that Haymon ultimately generated the $3 million purse Guerrero gained from the Mayweather fight, he already has proven his worth to Guerrero.

Haymon, the most successful promoter of large-venue rock concerts in history, has become the most powerful individual in boxing, controlling Mayweather, Adrien Broner and a moderately growing stable of other elite fighters . Guerrero fits the mold.

I haven’t exactly been leading Haymon’s cheering section. I symphathized with HBO’s antipathy toward Golden Boy that led to a complete split a few days after Haymon spirited Mayweather from HBO to make the megadeal with Showtime.

I have been unable to get HBO to cop to antipathy for Haymon on this front. Two key spokesmen for HBO always set me straight when I imply Haymon, and not Golden Boy, was the object of its dismay.

But it’s hard for us layman to discern any distance between Golden Boy and Haymon (or Showtime, for that matter), (except for rumors that Golden Boy founder Oscar De La Hoya is being cast aside). For instance, the Haymon alliance immediately solves Guerrero’s beef with Golden Boy. It will be a smooth transition, and Guerrero should be fighting by July. My hunch is he’ll be fighting Amir Khan, who also may align himself with Haymon soon.

Others haven’t believed in Guerrero. Haymon’s influence is great news for The Ghost.

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