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Guerilla weddings: offbeat and inexpensive


wedding in the park

An  overwhelmed and sticker shocked groom-to-be recently confessed he

 was tempted to have a “guerilla wedding” at a local campus. “We’ll just send out a blanket email saying, ‘Be there, at this time, under this tree, we’re getting married.’” It was an understandable idea. A legally binding wedding ceremony takes about 15 minutes from start to finish, and that’s if you talk slowly.

Why spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on a place you’ll spend less time in than Starbucks? Not only do you have to pay to reserve the spot, but you’ll also be inclined to fill it with flowers, ribbons and bows to make extra beautiful. Then, since you’ve gone through all expense of decking the place out, you’ll have to find poetry, music, and inspirational messages to stretch out the time so you’re not out of there so fast that all your efforts and expense were for naught.

If you rather put your money toward your honeymoon, a house, or your Pez collection than a party for your well meaning, but freeloading friends and not distant enough relatives, a guerilla wedding might just be your ticket.

Back in the day, there was elopement. Love struck kids would sneak out their windows and cross county lines to tie the knot. These modern day Romeos and Juliets would defy their parent’s wishes and make their love legal. Today, couples are more inclined to live with each other, while their parents egg them on to finally marry.

While elopement was an escape from a large celebration, a guerilla wedding is an escape from the large expense. Guerilla tactics- unusual and creative ways of promoting an event, are a perfect fit for those who don’t want a conventional wedding, or who are more concerned in devoting their resources on the matrimonial journey instead of the starting line.

Why rent the clubhouse at the beach when you can put up some canopies, lay down some chairs, and enjoy the same shoreline for free? Why spend a fortune on an open bar when you can solicit a winery to hold a tasting at your wedding at no charge? Why order the embossed double enveloped invitation when an e-vite will do?

All this may sound tacky, but the strength of your marriage is not correlated to the opulence and price tag of your wedding ceremony. Just ask Star Jones.