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Guatemala VP: Two women hurl flour in VP Roxana Baldetti's face, now in custody

Guatemala VP Baldetti giving a speech
Guatemala VP Baldetti giving a speech
Photo File, Analista Independientes Blog

Guatemala VP Roxana Baldetti got a face full of flour this week while leaving the Guatemalan President’s state of the union speech. Two women snuck out from the crowd and hurled a fistful of the powdery substance at the political figure in a flour attack, causing her to be taken to a local hospital due to difficulties breathing. The Epoch Times confirms this Wednesday, Jan. 15, 2014, that the pair of female assailants is now in police custody and being examined by defense officials over the assault.

The Guatemala VP was in the middle of leaving the Teatro National this Tuesday when Roxana Baldetti was suddenly approached by two women. They were said to have raised their hands and then hurled flour into Baldetti’s face, bringing a strange and unexpected bout of violence to the end of the president’s state of the union address. Guatemalan officials have since detained both female suspects.

According to the report, the injured vice president said that she was having a very hard time catching her breath. Following the flour attack, a stretcher and ambulance promptly arrived to take Baldetti to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Shortly after the assault, a reporter was able to catch a statement made by one of the women before she was arrested for the Guatemala VP offensive.

“I have the right to express myself freely,” she said.

As stated by President Otto Molina in his address, Guatemala is working on increasing overall security and fighting against public starvation and child malnutrition in particular. Roughly 30 people were said to be protesting outside of the conference building, and police were forced to detain a minimum of four rowdy individuals.

Upon inspection at the hospital, Vice President Roxana Baldetti is said to be in stable condition. The investigation against the two women now in custody and their motives for throwing flour into the political figure's face is ongoing.

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