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GUARDIANS of the GALAXY Trailer hits YouTube and TV.

Full disclosure: I like comics, I like Marvel... but I've never read a single issue of GUARDIANS of the GALAXY.

The latest comic-to-movie adaptation from Disney owned Marvel Studios appears to be a comedic space opera, lead by Chris Pratt (Parks and Recreation, The Lego Movie). The way the buzz has been going, Disney/Marvel has been pushing this one on us as if it's THE movie the fanboys have been waiting for.

You know what? I think the fanboys are doing just fine. There may be some champing at the bit for Avengers 2 and STAR WARS 7, but I don't think there are any over-night ticket campouts planned for GUARDIANS of the GALAXY.

I'll share what I know. It's set in outer space. Most of the characters are aliens. There's a raccoon named Rocket who likes to shoot big guns (voice of Bradley Cooper).

I viewed the trailer moments ago. I'll say this for it: it looks like fine. Release date is set for August 1st. Could be a fun way to wrap up the summer movie season.

I'll include it here so you can judge for yourself.

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