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“Guardians” becomes highest grossing August release movie

"Guardians of the Galaxy" breaks the record for the highest opening in August
"Guardians of the Galaxy" breaks the record for the highest opening in August

To no surprise the latest Marvel comic to come to the big screen is the big winner at the box office, beating out the other new movie to come out this week, Get On Up.

In the first weekend, Guardians of the Galaxy surpasses all expectations as it is able to bring in an estimated $94 million in it’s first weekend. In comparison to the other Marvel movies, it seems to be faring well or even better. It’s the 9th highest opening for a Marvel adaptations and the 4th highest opening for a new movie. Guardians also become the highest movie that was released in August beating out The Bourne Ultimatum which only brought in $69 million it’s first weekend.

Falling down to the number two spot is Lucy with an estimated $18.2 million. The movie had a solid opening and already surpassed it’s $40 million budget. It should be able to pass it’s $100 million budget within the next week or two with no problem.

The other movie to come out this weekend is the movie based on James Brown’s life in Get On Up. The movie had a solid opening with an estimated $14 million. No doubt that this movie should get some attention for the Oscars as it’s based on a music icon.

Hercules continues to disappoint only bringing in an estimated $10.7 million over the weekend. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes brings in an estimated $8.7 million, just recently surpassing it’s $170 million budget.

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