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Guardian Center bringing Emergency Responders and Film Makers to Perry GA

Although people in the local community have referred to the Guardian Center in Perry, GA as a “FEMA Concentration Camp,” or even a “Terrorist Training Facility” their real purpose is to train first responders, police, firefighters, national guard, and military personnel on how to respond and prepare for natural and manmade disasters, while simulating real life situations during their training.

Emergency Search and Rescue Training
Ethan Hutten

For example, the Guardian Center has a neighborhood complete with 8 fully furnished homes that can be flooded up to 8 feet. It also has a fully functional subway tunnel, that can be subject to water, fire and smoke to be used during rescue simulations.

The 830 acre facility is located in Perry, GA at the site of a former Northrup Gruman factory. The Guardian Center has added numerous buildings to the complex which now include: 60 single and multi story buildings which can be used to simulate urban search and rescue missions; a 1.1 mile interstate highway; scale sized city block featuring an actual bank, liquor store, post office and additional businesses; a dive pond to train on submerged vehicle rescue operations; and plenty of undeveloped and wooded land for wilderness training.

In addition to training emergency personnel, the facility has also become a highly sought after destination for Hollywood producers, searching for the perfect location to film disaster, chase and explosion scenes.

Just this week, filming began for “Barely Lethal” starring Samuel L. Jackson and Jessical Alba.

According to a speech before local REALTORS, Guardian Center Director Nathan Cummiskey said that he initially faced skepticism from the local community, but now, the community has rallied behind them and appreciate the value of the services they provide, and the positive impact the center will have on the community.

“Residents are welcome to stop by our center anytime, and we will gladly give them a tour of the facility. We also regularly need volunteers to serve as rescue victims and other roles during some of our training exercises.”

Volunteers can register through their website at They will also be posting job opportunities as they become available.

To see more please view their video.

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