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Guard the Treasure Game teaches teamwork and faith

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One of the requirements for "I Live My Faith", the Catholic religious emblem for youth groups, is to play a game that teaches a lesson about our faith. Guard the Treasure can be used to meet this requirement.

Our faith is a treasure, and from time to time, the world will try to steal it from us. Things like greed, envy, anger, and disappointment will try to tempt us into giving up. We have to guard our thoughts from these temptations.

To play the game, all you need is something that will represent a person’s faith; a treasure. It can be a scarf, bean bag, ball or soft toy.

One scout is "IT", the keeper of the treasure. Lay the treasure on the ground, with IT guarding it. Everyone else makes a circle around IT and tries to steal the treasure without being tagged. Anyone who is tagged by IT is frozen in place and cannot move. The play continues until the treasure is stolen or everyone is frozen.

Play this game several times, and you will begin to see that it is easier to succeed when we cooperate with each other.

Closing Thought: "Everyone else is" is an excuse, not a reason. It could be that "everyone" isn't, but the Devil is introducing us to those few that are, in the hopes that he can fool us.