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Guaranteed personally fit lenses

Exact fit glasses seal a deal at LensCrafters.
Exact fit glasses seal a deal at LensCrafters.
Adam Benjamin

In person glass fittings aligned to a San DIegan's eyes at LensCrafters open up the vision for seeing their daily lives. No short cuts on finding the correct lenses.

Eyecare craftwork at the UTC LensCrafters takes more than offers on the prescription lenses fit for an active outdoor life, or, a relaxing home life. Advanced instruments size up personal branded glasses.

Customers can take an offer to become a member of EYEEXAM of California, Inc., a LensCrafters partner. Their optometrists give members a complete vision analysis on request. Using a defined digital eye exam, called AcuExam (SM), the eye doctor maps the eye's "fingerprint." The instrument gives the doctors a look at the eye they help with the best vision prescription.

"No two eyes are the same," LensCrafters says. The UTC staff find the close prescription fit for a customer's eyes. Using AccuFit measurements that place a prescription on glass lenses directly in front of the pupils, they lay in the lenses for a person's personal vision.

The system is 5 times more precise than a manual examination. Staff attach fit sensors to glass frames to measure the pupils placement.

Glasses fit for a person's name and lifestyle can get chosen in the La JOlla Vilage Drive mall store, and, for most frames in a wide selection, 50 percent the lenses cost, in a frames and lenses charge, taken out. Just do not take up Oakley Authentic lenses. The lenses are among severla left out of the deal.

The frame shape makes correct vision a reality during life. Lenses have to be worn in the right palce. The LensCrafters team uses myLook screen looks at glasses to locate glasses dimensions that fit the nose, the cheekbones, and the brow, and, keep the prescription lenses in front of the eyes.

Glasses crafted to a person's identity do not have to take a follow up visit to chose. Customers look at 4 different clear sight angles for each frames fit to their face to know the ones to put on. And, live their life.

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