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Guachochi, Mexico - The Copper Canyon Begins!

Guachochi (The Place of Herons) is usually bypassed on a trip to the Copper Canyon.

The waterfall in Guachochi, Mexico
The Big Mozey
THe second deepest gorge in the Copper Canyon, Guachochi, Mexico
The Big Mozey

The train that runs through the Copper Canyon, is north of Guachochi, and therefore the city is usually not on a travelers itinerary.

It's a loss for the traveler, though, because the second deepest area of the Copper Canyon is located about 20 miles southeast of the town.

Known as La sinforosa, it's a breathtaking sight!

The canyons depth at La sinforosa is 6,002 ft., missing the the designation as the deepest part by a mere 150 ft.

Most people who travel the Copper Canyon in Mexico start from one of two places:

1) Chihuahua, Mexico - this is the beginning of the train ride from the eastern side of the Copper Canyon

2) Los Mochis, Mexico - this is the start of the train ride from the western side of the Copper Canyon. (The western side of the train ride is suggested as the start, due to fact the train leaves early in Los Mochis and you see more of the canyon in daylight)

By doing so, you miss some beautiful country surrounding Guachochi.

Not only does Guachochi offer the second deepest part of the Copper Canyon, it is also is home to:

1) A beautiful waterfall on the edge of the city,

2) Lago de las Garzas is a lake within the city limits (with a statue of a 30 foot heron!)

3) North of the city are hot springs with water bubbling up from the ground at temperatures of 104 degrees to as high as 113 degrees

4) Ochocachi lagoon is just outside the city limits for fishing and bird watching.

There's also camping available at La sinforosa and the Ochocachi lagoon. (Though this is very rough camping - bring all supplies with you, there are no convenience stores close to any of the camping areas!)

Hotels are plentiful ranging from 150 pesos to as high as 500 pesos (Exchange rate at the time this article was written was 12.5 pesos per dollar)

Restaurants are not as plentiful, but there are enough around to offer the tourist a few choices.

If canyons, nature and natural wonders are your goal to see on your journey, Guachochi should not be bypassed on your trip to the Copper Canyon.

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