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‘GTA V’ Title Update 1.13 removes the option to play with temporary characters

Grand Theft Auto V
Grand Theft Auto V
Photo courtesy of Take-Two Interactive, used with permission

Launching alongside this week’s release of The High Life Update, patch 1.13 for Grand Theft Auto V offers fixes to dozens of known issues with the game’s online multiplayer mode. Providing fans with a long look at what was changed in the newest update for GTA Online, Rockstar Games detailed the patch on May 13 by revealing the complete change long for the update.

One of the biggest changes is that the online mission creation tools have now exited their beta period and are now considered fully launched. Additionally, the Rat-Loader vehicle is no longer being offered for free and gamers must now pay $6000 inside the game in order to own the truck from now on.

Furthermore, fans can no longer continue to play the game when Rockstar’s cloud servers are down. Before, players were given the option to enter GTA Online with a temporary character during these down periods. However, temporary characters have now been removed from the game and gamers won’t be allowed to access the multiplayer mode when the cloud services are unavailable.

Patch 1.13 also added all content accompanying The High Life Update which added new apartments, vehicles, weapons, and clothing to GTA Online. The update also gave players the ability to own two properties at the same time. The High Life Update is one of many content patches that Rockstar Games recently announced would be released this spring. With two of the patches now released, fans can low look forward to the final announced update of the season which will finally bring new online co-op heist missions to the game.

Available now only on Xbox 360 and PS3, Rockstar Games plans to continue to support Grand Theft Auto V by releasing new content for GTA Online. Furthermore, the game’s single player campaign will be revisited later this year with the launch of new story-based DLC.