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‘GTA V’ Title Update 1.11 caused missing weapon inventory, now fixed

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The Gusenberg Sweeper, which was the new gun added to Grand Theft Auto V from the Valentine’s Massacre Update, was unexpectedly removed from some players’ inventory in GTA Online after Title Update 1.11 was pushed live earlier this week. The developer later confirmed through the Rockstar Support website on Thursday that the issues have now been resolved and the weapon should be restored to anyone who lost it after downloading the latest update.

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Anyone who had the Gusenberg Sweeper after applying Title Update 1.11 only needs to restart the game on each GTA Online character that had lost the gun. The weapon should automatically appear in players’ inventory. However, fans will have to visit an Ammunation and re-purchase any gun mods that they had previously applied. All mods that were purchased in the past will be free to pick up a second time.

Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto V is out now only on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Those who own the game may also now connect the title’s multiplayer servers after access to GTA Online was released in a free update shortly after the game’s initial launch. Title Update 1.11 became available this past Tuesday and was tied-in with The Business Update which added new weapons, clothes, and vehicles to the game.

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