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‘GTA V’ Title Update 1.11 brings new content and bug fixes, available now

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In addition to adding new content to Grand Theft Auto V with Tuesday’s release of The Business Update, Rockstar Games released Title Update 1.11 alongside the free business-themed pack which brings numerous balance tweaks and bug fixes to the game’s single-player story mode as well as GTA Online. The developer posted the full patch notes for the new title update on March 4, which comes packaged will all of the new content from The Business Update as well as a long list of other changes to the popular open-world title.

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Title Update 1.11 adds several new customization options including new clothes, tattoos, masks, and two new hairstyles for each gender. The update also brings new vehicles and weapons to the games story mode and GTA Online. Since the patch is named The Business Update, all new items have a professional theme such as slacks, blouses, and dress shoes.

Additionally, many vehicles that fans were previously unable to own within GTA Online can now be properly stored within player-owned garages. This includes the Beater Albany Emperor, Bravado Rumpo, and the Karin Rebel among others.

Several new options for in-game activities have also been added such as the ability to disable slipstreams in GTA Online races. A number of exploits have also now been blocked which allowed players to duplicate vehicles for other players or copy content from the single-player campaign into the online mode. Check out Rockstar Gamesofficial patch notes for a full listing of all changes that were introduced in Title Update 1.11

Grand Theft Auto V is out now only for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

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