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‘GTA V’ Title Update 1.09 now ready for download, exploited cash not yet removed

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Those enjoying the multiplayer game play for Grand Theft Auto V will be prompted to download an update specifically for the title’s online mode the next time that they start up the game. The Rockstar Support website released patch notes for the update on Jan 11 which only included two brief bulleted points. The weekend update was simply only stated to enforce more anti-cheat fail safes as well as block many of exploits that allow users to gain in-game cash and RP in unintended manners.

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Rockstar Games recently announced that they were working on a future update that would remove all exploited money from the game. Despite the fact that this latest title update hopes to prevent players from adding more ill-gotten money into GTA Online, it doesn’t seem to have actually deleted any existing cash as players are reporting on the support website that their unsolicited gifts on in-game money are still in their bank accounts even after applying update 1.09. The developer hasn’t given word at this time that they don’t still plan to remove GTA$ gained through cheating so it is assumed that an upcoming update is still be worked on that will wipe the money from the game.

Grand Theft Auto V is out now only on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. On Oct 1, Rockstar Games released a free title update which gave all owners of the game access to GTA Online which allowed them to create their own in-game avatar to play both cooperative and competitive game matches with other players.

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