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‘GTA V’ receives another wave of verified jobs for ‘GTA Online’

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Rockstar Games continues to recognize the best user-created missions crafted within the multiplayer mode of Grand Theft Auto V by promoting 10 more jobs to verified status. The developer announced on March 14 that that have designated a new batch of Rockstar Verified selections.

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After releasing the missions-creation tools inside GTA Online, Rockstar Games periodically selects jobs crafted by the community to become temporarily added to the title’s official playlist. This gives fans a chance to have their own missions appear next to Rockstar’s own on the job selection menu. In an interesting turn, the developer announced that two of Friday’s new verified jobs were created by users who have previously had their past missions creations distinguished with the Rockstar Verified status.

While players normally only have access to experience user-created content that was published on the same console that they play on, Rockstar Verified missions are made available on cross-platform for all to enjoy.

Grand Theft Auto V is out now only on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. The mission-creation tools within GTA Online now allow fans to craft their own races and deathmatch-based jobs, but Rockstar plans to expand the tools in the future to give players the ability to craft co-op story missions as well.

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