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‘GTA V’ is having an online weekend event to honor the release of a new update

GTA Online Capture Creator
GTA Online Capture Creator
Photo courtesy of Take-Two Interactive, used with permission

The Capture Creature is now available for Grand Theft Auto Vs online multiplayer mode which allows fans to create their own missions within GTA Online using a variety of different rules based upon classic capture the flag style match types. Rockstar Games announced the release of the Capture Creator Update on April 11 alongside details about a special online event which will last the remainder of this weekend to honor the launch of the new update.

Earlier this week, the developer prepared for the release Capture Creator by giving players double cash and experience rewards from all existing GTA Online capture missions. The bonus was originally only supposed to last until the official launch of Friday’s update but Rockstar Games has decided to extend the double experience period for two extra days so that players can enjoy the bonus over the weekend.

Additionally, in an attempt to encourage fans to start building their own Capture missions using the new in-game creation tools, the developer is hosting a contest which will award the makers of the best user-generated content with special digital prizes. The four best player-made Capture jobs, as decided by Rockstar Games, which are created this weekend will win 1million GTA$, an vanity license plate to display in GTA Online, and their creation will be displayed as a Rockstar Verified job.

Anyone who has connect to the GTA Online servers since this past Tuesday will be able to access the new Capture Creator content with no additional download. This is because Rockstar Games included the content of the update as part of the title update that was released earlier this week. The content contain within the patch simply wasn’t activated for use on the live servers until today.

Grand Theft Auto V is now available only on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. The Capture Creator update is only the first of three free updates that are planned to release this spring. Later this season fans can expect to receive the ability to own multiple in-game properties as well as finally enjoy the first wave of online co-op heist missions.