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‘GTA V’ gets three new player-created jobs inspired by ‘The Warriors’

The Warriors
The Warriors
Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games are no strangers to the cult-classic film The Warriors. Afterall, the developer even released a game adaptation to the movie for the Playstation 2 and Xbox so it’s not surprising that the 35th anniversary of The Warriors’ original theatrical release was honored by Rockstar Newswire on March 20.

The developer also promoted a unique playlist of user-generated missions within the multiplayer mode of Grand Theft Auto V which were inspired by The Warriors. To celebrate the cult film’s anniversary, the three jobs for the Xbox 360 version of GTA Online that were spotlighted as they were built with the intention of recreating scenes from both the movie and video game.

Additionally, Rockstar Games enjoyed The Warriors inspired missions so much that the developer is now asking fans to create jobs that pay tribute to their favorite films and games using GTA Online’s in-game mission creator tools.

Grand Theft Auto V is out now only on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Just weeks after last year’s launch of the open-world crime game, Rockstar Games released a free title update which opened up access to the online servers of GTA Online.

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