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‘GTA V’ gets 10 more verified user-created jobs, dev admits to altering missions

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Now that Grand Theft Auto V’s mission creation tools are live, Rockstar Games will periodically pick select user-generated jobs to become verified missions that are promoted for all GTA Online players to enjoy. Introducing the second set of their Rockstar Verified selections on Jan 22, the developer revealed another 10 jobs that were crafted by fans that will become the next feature missions.

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Rockstar Games confirmed that after choosing a player-made mission, they will then make minor tweaks to the jobs in the interests of both propriety and game balance. The developer revealed that they might change the names of missions due to copyright issues ore offensive language. Additionally, small gameplay elements might also be changed to bring the jobs more in line with official content from the game. For example, the developer might alter weapon drops, checkpoints, or spawn locations. Rockstar Games informed gamers of their practice of modifying verified jobs by providing the following statement.

Please note, in addition to occasionally changing Job names due to taste, copyright or other reasons - we also from time to time will make other small edits to players' Jobs before making them Rockstar Verified.

One big bonus that comes from a mission being chosen as a Rockstar Verified job is that the content becomes available cross-platform. This means that even if a player originally created the mission on the Xbox 360, becoming verified ensures that PS3 owners will also be able to enjoy the job.

Grand Theft Auto V is out now on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. The mission creator tools are now available for use inside the game’s multiplayer mode, GTA Online. The tools are currently in an open beta test phase while Rockstar Games perfects their usage. As such, players may only create races and deathmatch based jobs at present. The developers hope is to eventually expand the tools so that users can create any kind of mission they desire.

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