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‘GTA V’ gets 10 more user-created jobs, more online content updates coming soon

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Since the launch of the in-game mission creation tools which allow players to create their own jobs within Grand Theft Auto Vs online mode, Rockstar Games has periodically chosen select fan-made missions to add to the title’s official rotating playlist. Continuing this practice, the developer announced on Wednesday that they have promoted 10 more jobs in GTA Online which were originally created by the game’s own user base.

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Additionally, Rockstar Games also announced on Feb 26 that they will be revealing more upcoming content for GTA Online soon. This should include news of features such as the highly anticipated online heists.

Also for those eager to hear more about forthcoming GTA Online content updates, please stay tuned as we should have new content to announce very soon. Thanks all!

Player-created missions that make their way to GTA Online’s official playlist in this fashion become “Rockstar Verified” jobs. Players on all platforms are then able to enjoy the missions regardless of the system the jobs were initially created on. This means that Playstation 3 players get a chance to try out missions that were made on the Xbox 360 and vice versa.

Rockstar Games has previously admitted that they occasionally make minor alterations to missions such as changes to spawn points for a smoother experience or title modifications due to legal reasons.

Grand Theft Auto V is now available only for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

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