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GTA V: A game for the working class, causes Glenn Beck to lose mind

I'm sad because poor people are happy
I'm sad because poor people are happy

It's been four months since the greatest video game ever made, GTA V, was released. The game is a commercial success and has made billions of dollars and continue to sell. There is another product that doesn't quite sell nearly as much and was so desperate that he needed to piggyback off of GTA V's success by attacking it.

That product is none other than Glenn Beck. Glenn Beck, like all his fellow one-percenters, are threatened and offended to see underprivileged citizens sticking it to them even in video game form. In GTA V, gamers can experience the good life and drive fancy cars and kill the hell out of the rich people who in real life keep them down.

Furthermore, one of the three protagonists in the game, Franklin, is an African American who is portrayed as an equal to the other two protagonists, Michael and Trevor, who are both white. Glenn Beck would have none of that.

Like all politicians today, he likes to step on the working class and keep them living off of the filthy crumbs that fall off the table of the rich. GTA V is a sophisticated game that lets hardworking citizens who actually had to earn their money in real life rather than having insane amounts of wealth being passed onto them by their slave-owning ancestors, live the good life by blasting descendants of slave owners in the face and running them over.

Now that's something that can't happen in real life because it's illegal and any nine to five worker who so much as look at a rich guy the wrong way is liable to get sued. Glenn Beck is upset that GTA V lets players have sex with digital Caucasian women (in a non-graphic, PG-13 kind of way) because in real life, only the rich should be able to afford world class call girls. Glenn Beck is mad that players can do it in a $60 game.

It's the rich who murders society, they just do it in a legal and less obvious way. GTA V lets you stick it to the man even if it's all fantasy. Well done, Rockstar. Congratulations for bringing hope and joy to the 99% of our society.