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‘GTA Online’ San Andreas Flight School Update now available

‘GTA Online’ San Andreas Flight School Update now available-slide0
Rockstar Games

GTA Online” gets massive update to the skies.

‘GTA Online’ San Andreas Flight School Update now available
Rockstar Games

The GTA Online San Andreas Flight School Update is now available for "Grand Theft Auto V" as an automatic update on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 home video game consoles, game publisher Rockstar Games announced today in a press release obtained by Examiner and on the game's official website.

According to the release, the update contains 10 new missions including combat maneuvering, low-flying challenges, formation flying and new Vs. Mission modes. In terms of new vehicles, new jets, helicopters and cars have been included such as, the 16-seater Buckingham Mil-Jet, the Buckingham Swift Classic and Flying Bravo helicopters and two different versions (hard-top or topless) of the Invetero Coquette Classic sports car.

There will also be plenty of customization options within the update, as there will be new flight suit attire for both male and female characters, as well as customizable parachutes and new reserve parachutes for more “tactical” jumps.

Rockstar also said that the updates will contain payout changes as all Contact Mission GTA $ and RP rewards have been restructured so tougher missions will reap more rewards, while all rewards on mission replays will be time-scaled and will no longer be reduced.

While there weren't any reactions to the new content just yet, gamers did take to the Rockstar website to talk about the effects of the pay out system.

"Really appreciate the work you guys do, truly," user Saint-Lawrence said on the game's official site this morning. "But the only complaint is that everything costs so much, yet the missions pay so very little. I mean, you have to grind the highest paying job over n over just to fully customize a car, let alone buy million plus dollar aircraft."

What do you think of these updates? Are you set to take your GTA adventure to the skies? Sound off in the comment section below and let us know.