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‘GTA Online’ money cheats, exploits and more found after ‘GTA 5’ 1.11 patch

‘GTA Online’ shots
‘GTA Online’ shots
Rockstar Games

Several working “GTA Online” money cheats and exploits have been found following the “Grand Theft Auto 5” 1.11 patch. According to a report from Trade in Detectives on March 6, two exploits have remained active after the latest title update for “GTA 5.”

The first glitch gives players the opportunity to duplicate a select vehicle. To do so, the receiver must cooperate with another user who owns the desired car. The exploit requires the player to quickly enter and exit a mission while in another vehicle that will be replaced from his personal garage. If done correctly, “GTA Online” will go through several buggy sequences that results in the receiver getting the same car as his partner.

The second glitch found after the “GTA 5” 1.11 patch will need a rhino tank. The process involves parking the tank as close to the personal garage as possible. Players are instructed to drive the car they wished to duplicate, call the in-game Mors Mutual Insurance and purchase the rebel vehicle while still riding in the same car in order to activate the exploit.

Using the above methods, players will be able to sell duplicate cars to quickly acquire an infinite amount of money. You can find some screens from the multiplayer of the open-world action-adventure video game in the slideshow to the left of this article and the video tutorials fully explaining the cheats on the Trade in Detectives website.

Rockstar Games, the company behind “GTA 5” and “GTA Online,” should be fixing the latest set of exploits through a future patch.